Universal Academy Young Entrepreneurs

Across the U.S., a growing movement is teaching kids to become entrepreneurs--or at least how to think like entrepreneurs. While some of these programs are extracurricular ways for enterprising kids to explore business, others are actually shaping students' core school lessons around entrepreneurship.

Brian Iris - 8th Grade

Brian Iris is an eighth grade student at Universal Academy with the Entrepreneurial Spirit. He works in the family bakery Bocatti. Bocatti’s unique 3-D gelatins, in the shape of flowers, are so beautiful you don’t want to eat them for fear of destroying such a work of culinary art. Once you dig into one, the scrumptious flavor will have you come back time and time again.

About Bocatti

Founded in 2010, Bocatti Bakery was originally home based. Two years ago, the company decided to go mainstream operating its facility off of Walnut Plaza. Bocatti Bakery is at 3720 Walnut Hill Lane, Suite 102 in Dallas. The phone number is 214-809-2455. Their Web address is

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