Winning basketball done the right way.

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We will draw strength from each other during times of adversity and celebrate loudly with dignity and class in triumph.


We will hold ourselves accountable for our own destiny.


We will prepare ourselves to compete at the highest level by being in great physical and mental shape.


We will prepare ourselves to compete at the highest level by being in great physical and mental shape.

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Athletics Overview

A dynamic Athletic Program is vital to the educational and social development of students. Universal Academy’s athletic program provides an environment where students develop sports skills, physical fitness, teamwork, sportsmanship and respect for others that will prepare for success in their adult life. As team members, students are encouraged to face challenges, strive for excellence and become leaders. Considered a model for quality secondary athletic programming, the District maintains rigorous eligibility standards, requires appropriate student conduct and emphasizes safe participation for athletes.

Every effort is made to support the athletic program with the best facilities, uniforms, equipment and with the most qualified coaching staff available. Coaches provide a sound, positive philosophy taught in a safe and healthful environment.

Universal Academy has produced:

  • State Champion Hurdler
  • TCSAA Girls State Championship Basketball team
  • UIL Boys District Championship Basketball team
  • UIL Boys Regional Champions
  • UIL Girls District Championship Basketball team
  • National Fencing Champions
  • UIL Boys and Girls District Championship Track
  • District Football Champions

Eligibility Standards for UIL Athletics

Before being permitted to try out, practice or participate in any interscholastic athletic activity, students must be enrolled in a Universal Academy secondary school and fulfill each of the following requirements:

  • are not high school graduates;
  • are full-time day students;
  • have attended classes since 6th day of class of the present school year, or have been enrolled and in regular attendance for 15 or more calendar days before the contest;
  • are eligible under no-pass, no play;
  • have the required number of credits for eligibility;
  • are enrolled in a four year program of high school courses;
  • initially enrolled in the 9th grade not more than four years ago, or in the 10th grade not more than three years ago (students may apply for waivers);
  • were not recruited;
  • are not in violation of awards rule.

Practice Sessions

For any given extracurricular activity, a student may not participate in more than one activity per school week, excluding holidays. Students are limited to no more than eight (8) hours of practice and rehearsal outside the school day per school week per activity.

In-school practice class DOES NOT count toward the SBOE limits of eight hours per week of practice outside the school day.

Parent/Guardian Consent Form

A signed Parent/Guardian Consent form must be completed and submitted to the coach before the start of each sports season.

Medical Examination

Each student will receive a medical examination from a physician and must obtain a signed Approval Form for Participation. All approvals for participation must indicate the sport or activity in which the student may participate.

Attendance Requirements

School boards will establish the number of times that students may be absent to participate in extracurricular activities. TEC 33.0811 requires that the policies allow at least 10 absences for extracurricular participation but does not cap the maximum number of days that may be missed for extracurricular participation.

The 90 percent attendance required for credit remains in effect. If a student achieves a grade of 70 or above in every class but is denied credit for the semester due to the 90 percent attendance requirement, he or she is eligible to participate in extracurricular activities the next six weeks. However, the loss of credit could cause the student not to meet the UIL requirement for eligibility during the first six weeks of the following school year.