Universal Academy is the first and only public school in the State of Texas to offer the “World-class Cambridge curriculum” as an official licensee

Universal Academy is the first and only public school in the State of Texas to offer the “World-class Cambridge curriculum” as an official licensee

Universal Academy, a Texas Education Agency “A-Rated” Public School has been approved by Cambridge Assessment International Education to offer its world-class Cambridge programs.

Cambridge is an international education program taught in more than 1300 primary schools in over 110 countries around the world. It is typically for learners aged 5 to 11 years, and develops skills and understanding in English, mathematics, science, ICT and Cambridge Global Perspectives – a cross-curricular subject that inspires learners to be curious and think independently.

Assessment tools are built into the Cambridge Curriculum to help teachers identify learners’ strengths and weaknesses and monitor their development as they progress through their primary, middle and high school education.

Christine Özden, Chief Executive of Cambridge Assessment International Education, said: “We are delighted to announce that Universal Academy has joined our global community of Cambridge schools and we look forward to a long and productive relationship with them. Cambridge starts learners on an active and creative educational journey, building a solid foundation for later stages of education.”

About Universal Academy

Founded in 1998, Universal Academy is a vibrant learning community of approximately 2,400 students from 9 cultures, backgrounds and nationalities in grades prekindergarten through 12. Well-known for its award-winning programs, Universal Academy is a complete school of choice and is the only public school in the State of Texas currently including the Cambridge Curriculum in its academic arsenal. Additionally, students participate in learning opportunities in the classroom, on the stage, on the playing field and with local colleges and universities, as well as with non-profit and community groups, private schools and government agencies.

About Cambridge Assessment International Education

Cambridge Assessment International Education prepares school students for life, helping them develop an informed curiosity and a lasting passion for learning. We are part of the University of Cambridge. Our Cambridge Pathway gives students a clear path for educational success from age 5 to 19. Schools can shape its curriculum around how they want students to learn – with a wide range of subjects and flexible ways to offer them. It helps students discover new abilities and a wider world and give them the transferable skills they need for life, so they can achieve at school, university and work.